E.L.I.S.A.S. ambiente was founded in 2007 and deals with sustainability and environment protection.

E.L.I.S.A.S. ambiente is Partner in a Cluster of Companies called "Sustainability for Environment and Architecture" whose mission is to provide services for Environment and Sustainable Architecture.

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The activities of E.L.I.S.A.S. ambiente are:



  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

According to International Standards and Equator Principles, including environmental modeling, stakeholder engagement, identification of mitigation measures, etc

  • Soil and Groundwater monitoring, characterization and remediation

Design and support to soil and groundwater monitoring plans, site characterization strategy, contaminated sites remediation and safety activities according to EU and US standards

  • Risk Assessment for Contaminated Sites and Landfill

Quantify the probability of harmful effects to individuals, population or environment caused by contaminated sites, landfills or industrial activities and evaluate the tolerable risks, according to international standards and guidelines

  • Due Diligence

Due Diligence for Environmental & Legal Compliance, Environmental Audit & Monitoring, Cost Estimation of Environmental Liabilities

  • Certified Chemical Analysis

Certified Chemical Analysis for water, groundwater, soil, air, waste performed by Laboratory with international Accreditation and ISO certification

  • Project Managing and Assistance with Environmental Public Authorities permitting Waste Management

Best Practices and consulting services to manage waste according to Waste Hierarchy Principles (prevent, minimize, reuse, recycle, energy recovery, disposal) and International Standards

  • Environmental Management System (ISO 14001-2004)



  • Greenhouse Gas accounting

According GHG protocols, IPCC technical guidelines and ISO 14064 standards

  • With Clusters' Partners
    • Sustainable Architecture, Urban Planning and Design
    • Best Available Low GHG Technologies Support (for heating and cooling buildings withgeothermal systems and waste to energy)
    • Best Technologies Planning for Energy Saving and Building Isolation

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